The 3×1 Mid Rise Skinny Jeans Worn Well

Ethical, customized, and quality jeans from 3×1 crop fringe jeans have a tendency to look better than most jeans. One of the most popular items on the 3×1 menu is the Mid Rise Skinny Jeans, particularly in Wash No. 5. These jeans are stylish and flattering for many reasons and they tick a lot of boxes for people looking for a convenient, comfortable, and reliable pair of jeans.

The look

The Mid Rise Skinny Jeans are super skinny right down to the ankle. The front of the mid height is around 8.5 inches and the inseam sits at about 30 inches. This can result in a slight bunching at the ankles depending on the individual’s height. Regardless, they don’t end up looking slopping because they are so skinny.

The denim

Everyone wants a pair of jeans that makes them feel about themselves. The Mid Rise Skinny Jeans do just this, while feeling genuinely good. The denim itself is stretchy which gives them a lot more comfort than most jeans. In fact, it’s entirely possible to wear these jeans for two or three days in a row and not feel uncomfortable at all. In this sense, they are on par with leggings, but have the aesthetics of quality jeans.


The classic look

If you don’t look too closely, these are just another pair of jeans. However, 3×1 jeans always come with a sneaky trademark. The button and zip are reversed on all pairs of jeans. The zipper itself is strong and sturdy, with a really easy pull. Other than that, these jeans tick all the boxes of standard jeans. They do have rear pockets placed higher up, which gives a slimmer and perkier look to the butt. The rest of the stitching detail is fairly standard, but high quality nonetheless.

The color

The Mid Rise Skinny Jeans from 3×1 come in the Wash No. 5. This is a rather intense shade of blue with some slight fading. You’ll find that this is a shade that goes with just about every color you want to team it with. This means that these jeans can be an absolute wardrobe staple.


These are the type of jeans that will suit any body type and flatter most figures. They come in a range of sizes, with 26 or 27 fitting the standard female Caucasian body type. Typically, go with the slightly bigger size if you are in doubt of your measurements as jeans do have that tendency to shrink a little in the wash.


Where to buy

These jeans are available from the 3×1 store in the Soho neighborhood of New York City. 

Why to buy

Obviously, this is a subjective one. The benefits of the Mid Rise Skinny Jeans are that they are so convenient and such a staple to have in the wardrobe. They are reliable and comfortable and won’t let you don’t with any outfit choice. These particular jeans are also a good introduction to 3×1 if you are trying out custom quality jeans for the first time.